Parquet Floors Refinishing Philadelphia PA

Parquet Floors Refinishing Philadelphia PA


Parquet floors are a must have in any home or apartment. They have a certain elegance that can’t be achieved with any other hardwood floor style. That said, the intricate design of parquet floors makes refinishing them a difficult project to undertake. That’s why many homeowners rightly choose to have professionals perform their parquet floors refinishing Philadelphia PA.


Parquet vs. Regular Hardwood Floors

Essentially, parquet floors are similar to paneled hardwood floors. They can be done using any wood and they can be finished with the same materials. But the reason why parquet floors refinishing Philadelphia PA is harder is the wood grain.


Traditionally, refinishing hardwood floors requires sanding the wood according to the direction of the grain. This is easy with parallel floor panels. With parquet floors, the small panels are arranged in such a way that the grain faces various directions. This makes sanding according to the grain a difficult task.


Sanding Parquet Floors

Despite its difficulty, parquet floors refinishing Philadelphia PA is not impossible. The steps such as staining and cleaning remain the same. The real problem with refinishing parquet floors is in the sanding.


1. Sanding Technique

Sanding is still the initial step to parquet floors refinishing Philadelphia PA. However, unlike on hardwood panels, sanding on parquet floors is limited to the old finish. This means it isn’t sanded down until the wood grains are exposed. The idea is to sand it down only until it’s dull.


2. Sanding Equipment

Most contractors use drum sanders when sanding hardwood floors. However, because the tiles on a parquet floor are arranged at right angles drum, sanders can scratch half of the floor tiles. A better sanding tool for parquet floors refinishing Philadelphia PA would be an orbital sander. This sander takes longer, but it leaves the floor scratch-free.


Staining Parquet Floors

Parquet floors are classic flooring options for homes. However, some people find parquet floors a bit too “busy” or too “70′s” for their taste. This is especially true if the parquet floor stretches over a wide area or is in the wrong color. Rather than taking out the entire floor and replacing it, a good solution is to stain the panels instead.


1. Dark Stains

Having parquet floors in light colors such as light oak is a good way to show off the intricacy of the floor. However, light parquet floors can be a turn-off for homeowners who are not fond of the pattern.


Staining the parquet floor in a dark color can help ground the floor. Ebony stains look great against white or cream walls. They also reduce the visibility of the patterns of the parquet floor. Dark staining a parquet floor also helps to conceal any imperfections. This makes it perfect for old wood floors that are in need of replacement.


2. Wiping Stains

When performing parquet floors refinishing Philadelphia PA jobs, some professionals prefer applying the stain over the floor by hand instead of using a brush. Wiping stains involves more work but they adhere to the floor better. Plus, applying the stain by hand allows the professional to detect any imperfections through touch and repair them accordingly.


A lot of work is needed for parquet floors refinishing Philadelphia PA. So for those who don’t have the time, finding a good and trustworthy contractor is the best option.