What Makes Hardwood Floors Philadelphia PA The Best

With its grains running down the length of a floor, wood looks very attractive. It also has a warm look and feel that other flooring options like tiles do not have. Wooden flooring is also undemanding when it comes to maintenance. There are a number of options of wooden flooring and one of these is hardwood floors which are the best option. Various options exist including hardwood floors which are among the best. You have several options to choose from hardwood floors Philadelphia PA contractors.

Getting the flooring right is therefore important because it has a large effect of the appearance of the house in totality. Various options exist that make it possible to choose different colors, patterns on grains, the species of wood and other options. It is important that installation and maintenance thereafter is done by professional contractors who will discuss the available options with you and help you to pick the best options. The input of professionals is important in guiding you through all the choices and possibilities.

For instance, if you are aiming for a contemporary look, a good choice would be light shades of boards with narrow widths. If the traditional look is what you are after, go for wider board whose shade is light to medium. If a country look is what you are aiming for, go for wide boards that are darker in shade. Such boards will give you a floor that has a lot of character such as the knots and the worm or pin holes which are favored by many. The goal is to have a floor that is full of character like knots and worm holes.

High traffic areas like sitting rooms and kitchens are best suited by natural oak because of all the grains and character it has which will keep scratches hidden. For high traffic areas, untreated oak is ideal for all the grains and other character marks it has that will keep scruffs and scratches hidden.

The floors and fixtures like cabinets and soft furnishings in the house should look good together. A floor that is dark and wooden fixtures like closets, doors, cabinets and dressers will look mismatched. A dark wood floor in a room full of light wooden structures like cabinets looks mismatched.

Compared to other species of woods, white and red oak natural are quite popular. Another favorite is boards with widths of two to three and a quarter inches wide. Technology has introduced a number of new options.

Woods that are exotic are now a favorite. This is wood that has reddish tones that are very rich and attractive such as Brazilian Cherry and Santos Mahogany. Bamboo and cork are also becoming popular options. Another trend that is catching on is that of having different kinds of floors where private sections like bedrooms can have one kind of floor and common areas such as kitchens and sitting rooms have another. One thing the hardwood floors Philadelphia PA team is dedicated to is staying abreast with new developments.

You will also get guarantees on the wood that the hardwood floors Philadelphia PA contractor use and the installation or maintenance work they do. When they are done, you will love how your floors look and how they feel. The end result is one that will last you for ages and that you are sure to love.


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