Hardwood Floors Refinishing Philadelphia PA

Hardwood Floors Refinishing Philadelphia PA


Various Do-It-Yourself videos and articles have made refinishing hardwood floors seem like an easy task. However, those tutorials only explain how the process is done. What they don’t explain is how much mess, money and manpower is actually needed to do the job. That’s why it’s always better to hire professional contractors for hardwood floors refinishing Philadelphia PA.


Basic Steps of Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Tutorials on hardwood floor refinishing often breakdown the process into five steps.


1. Examine the Floor. Before getting ready for hardwood floors refinishing Philadelphia PA, the floors should be examined for any protruding nails, tacks and the like. These need to be removed to prevent any damage to equipment later on.


2. Sanding. In order to get an even finish, the old finish needs to be stripped away using a sander. This is the hardest part of the refinishing process. A few seconds of inattention while using a sander can leave ugly and hard-to-fix mistakes.


3. Cleaning. Sanding leaves a lot of dirt and dust. This prevents the stain and finish from locking on to the wood. That’s why it’s important to clean the floors thoroughly after sanding.


4. Staining. After the old finish is gone, owners have the option to stain the wood. Staining is an important step in hardwood floors refinishing Philadelphia PA because it enhances the color of the wood and brings it back to life. On the other hand, other homeowners prefer to leave the wood as is to retain its natural color.


5. Finishing. Once the stain is dry a polyurethane finish is applied. The finish will protect the wood from foot traffic and the elements.


These five steps for hardwood floors refinishing Philadelphia PA seem easy but in reality, they are hard to do perfectly. So for those who want to show off excellently refinished hardwood floors, hiring a professional is still the best option.


Why Hiring a Professional is Better

There are three reasons why hiring professional hardwood floors refinishing Philadelphia PA contractors is advisable.


1. More experience. The experience gained by performing the job multiple times is invaluable when refinishing hardwood floors. Frankly, no one gets good at something just by watching a video about it. Even if a video tutorial is incredibly detailed, it will never be a substitute for learning by experience.


2. Better equipment. All hardwood floors refinishing Philadelphia PA jobs can only be completed by having the right equipment. That said, the average homeowner probably doesn’t have those lying around. This means either the homeowner will purchase the equipment, or rent them from professional refinishers. Either way, the homeowner will have to pay to get the equipment.


3. More manpower. Refinishing a large area is difficult for one man to perform. That said, the average homeowner can have difficulty finding another person to work on his hardwood floors for free. On the other hand, professional contractors have a number of installers whom they can call upon when facing a large job. And although additional people equates to a bigger fee, at least the homeowner doesn’t have to worry about the job taking too long.


Hardwood floors refinishing Philadelphia PA isn’t easy, and it’s best to leave it to the professionals. But for those who are determined to do the job on their own, they should at least consult a trusted contractor to get some advice on how to do it right.