Bamboo Floors Installation Philadelphia PA

Bamboo floors installation Philadelphia PA offers you an eco-friendly alternative for your flooring. Bamboo flooring is made from bamboo that is considered a grass. Bamboo matures faster than trees. It only takes 3 to 5 years to reach its maturity compared to 30 to 60 years with trees. Furthermore, bamboos grow easily even without fertilizers and irrigations. When bamboos area harvested, their root system is left intact so there is no need to replant since they have the ability to reproduce vegetatively.  

Bamboo floors installation Philadelphia PA installs only high quality bamboo flooring. The strength and durability of bamboo flooring differ on how mature is the bamboo during harvesting time and how it was manufactured. At 6 years, the strength of a bamboo stalk is at its prime. Harvested earlier, the stalks can be weak. If harvested at a later time, the stalks can be brittle and may break easily. Bamboo Floors Installation Philadelphia PA uses only high quality bamboo flooring from reliable sources.

Carbonized bamboo offers a darker color but in order to achieve this look, the bamboo is pressure-steamed  which decreases the strength of the bamboo. It is best to go with natural or stained bamboo as their natural strength is kept intact. Bamboo Floors Installation Philadelphia PA chooses only the most durable bamboo flooring types. The bamboo planks used for installation can either be glued, nailed or floated to sub floors which means they are strong enough to withhold much pressure.    

Bamboo floors installation Philadelphia PA does not install bamboo floorings just like that. The bamboo planks are left in the room to be floored for several days to ensure that the bamboo planks acclimate to the weather in the room. Through this process, floor technicians make sure that the bamboo planks does not warp even when there are temperature and humidity changes in the room.

Whatever sub floor surface you will be attaching your bamboo boards at, bamboo floors installation Philadelphia PA can do the installation for you. Whether it is nailed, glued or floating,  a floor technician is knowledgeable about all types of wood and how and where to install them. The floor technician can also provide you tips on how to keep your bamboo flooring looking new for the years to come.

There has been mixed opinions when it comes to the durability of bamboo flooring but there is now what is called the engineered bamboo flooring. The bamboo strips are layered on top of a wood underneath. Due to the blending of woods, engineered bamboo flooring is thought to be tougher and more durable. Bamboo flooring can provide your home with a stunning look that greatly goes along with your décor. Furthermore, cleaning a bamboo flooring only requires mopping it with wet cloth.

Bamboo flooring comes in different designs and shades that you can ever imagine. If you want to combine several shades and create a pattern in one room, bamboo floors installation Philadelphia PA Bamboo floors installation Philadelphia PA  can give you great design insights and install the entire flooring for you at a very reasonable price.